Enjoy permanent makeup that's waterproof, looks great day or night, and affordable for a new you! Permanent cosmetics are no longer for the rich and famous. This is especially beneficial for someone who is busy but wants to look her best all the time. If you have had surgical procedures, you can camouflage scars too. Book a consultation today!


Eye Brows $275

Eyebrows are the focal point of the face. Sparse brows will appear fuller with several colors added to your existing brow hair. We can create the perfect brow to complement your facial features.

Eye Liner Top $200

We can create a soft, subtle lash enhancements that will make your eyes sparkle.

Eye Liner Bottom $150

For a dramatic look, a full eyeliner (top and bottom) will enhance your eyes.

Eye Liner full set $275

Choose colors from soft brown to the darkest of blacks.

Micro Blading $325



Full Lips $475

Let us create the perfect lip color for your specific skin tone. Choose color that will enhance your natural beautiful lips, to a more defined lip line or a soft muted color.

Beauty Mark $55

Cindy Crawford has it--now you can have it too! Let us create a beauty mark for you to draw attention to your beautiful face.



eyebrow before and after


lips permanent

Full set EYELASH EXTENSIONS only $69

54% off regular price of $150

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